Full Recovery

By David Watkins | Blog

Jan 18

Everyone who is into sports have to experience how it is when you get injured. It is not nice, it is very hard, it brings a whole lot of troubles with it and it affects the athlete both physically and mentally. Recovery is not easy either and it takes a lot of effort, time but most of all strong will and positive thinking in order for an athlete to get back on track and continue with doing what they love the most


There is one painful truth about recovery, it can be more painful and hard than all the previous workout. Getting fitter is not easy by itself, there is no question about it, but, full recovery after getting seriously injured as an athlete can be more challenging than all the workout put together. There is one good thing that comes from it though, the moral victory of coming out as a winner.

Most of the time, athletes who manage to fully recover from getting injured, come back twice as decisive than ever before and they start scoring higher than ever before. You could say that getting injured helped them to become better but you would be wrong. It did not help them to become better, it simply showed them what they were missing on while recovering and that is the most important aspect of the recovery process.

That mental fight with yourself will result in two things, either you will quit or you will work harder than ever. Full recovery is about restoring balance to your life. Homeostasis is very important for the athletes who are looking to get back into sports. That is why homeostasis or the period of recovery is where you need to regain the balance and get all your body systems in order.

Through this repair, through this mental fight, you hope that you will become stronger than before which will allow you to become a better athlete. The level of fitness determines the duration of the recovery period. There is no rushing this as the body has its own tempo of regeneration.