Recovery From Trauma or Abuse: It’s Not Just Physical

By David Watkins | Blog

Sep 09
Many people don’t realize it, but physical and mental recovery are both linked together. You literally cannot have one without the other, especially if you have been through both physical and emotional abuse.

The recovery process after escaping a traumatic living situation is a hard, complicated and often lonely road. Yet it is still quite possible for you to be able to heal from the abuse you have endured and live a relatively peaceful life. It all starts with your mental condition once you determine that you are ready to start the recovery process. If you start trying to heal from damaging experiences while still telling yourself in your mind that you are an absolute worthless failure, you really are not going to get anywhere in the recovery process. You need to be strong enough to understand that what happened to you wasn’t your fault and to move on into the unknown future. It will be out of your comfort zone, as abuse and trauma is all that you are used to, but you will adjust quickly as long as you ensure that physically there is nothing in your environment to remind you of the dark times you went through.

Really, it’s not that hard to come out of the fear and depression that engulfs you after you escape trauma or abuse. As long as you concentrate on making sure that you have a safe, supportive environment and don’t have anything in your life that will drag you back, you can make your recovery quick and relatively easy. Just take the time to mentally clear things out and make sure that your surroundings are not contributing to the unavoidable negative energy that you will experience in life.

If you are having trouble keeping things under control while adjusting to your new life free from trauma and abuse, don’t panic. This is completely normal, as you are experiencing a huge transition in your life. It is recommended that you find a psychotherapist who can help you process the emotions and feelings you are experiencing during this trying time in your life.