The injury

By David Watkins | Blog

Jan 18

People who are really into sports, tend to dedicate all their lives to what they love the most. So, when they get injured, it reflects badly on their shape and body and on their mental health as well. This is not only about feeling pain, this is about feeling helpless because of being unable to do what makes you happy the most. Sportsmen who get injured can get depressive after it which eventually causes them to quit sports and turn to drug and alcohol abuse. So, this is not something that comes and goes easy, not at all.

There is a lot going on there. With time and training, sportsmen tend to get into shape and have developed their own technique, endurance and strength. They have invested their time, effort and money to get where they are now and when they get injured, they instantly feel upon it like their whole world has crumbled down and they have been left on their own.

Before the injury, they lived to perform but now it seems that life has lost its meaning. So, how to cope with the period of time that comes after seeing a sports medicine specialist who only confirmed your worst fear? Well, first of all, one day at the time. No matter how bad your injury is, there is always a way that you can recover from it. All you have to do is be patient.

Even if you do not feel any pain at all, it still does not mean that you have fully recovered from it. Also, getting a professional help and therapy sessions would be great. Your body needs recovery but your mental health needs it too. If you want to be fully capable to do things you have been able to do before the injury, you will have to clear with it in your head as well. Your parents and loved ones, as well as your coach and trainer, should be sensitive to the issues of the injury because it has been proven that this can significantly speed up the recovery process.